Can Drones Fly in Rain?

Can Drones Fly in Rain?

Can Drones Fly in Rain?

Can Drones Fly in Rain? This is a question that often comes up among people unfamiliar with drone capabilities.The short answer to this question is that it depends on the amount of rain and the drone you’re flying. Different platforms have different capabilities, but all the air frames we fly do quite well with a little bit of either rain or snow. Some aircraft though, are designed to fly in rain and snow and can take on more extreme conditions

Go for an Enterprise Solution

DJI has an Enterprise lineup that you will not find in retail stores. These products are designed with industrial applications, like agriculture, and mining in mind. Because of this, and based on customer feedback, DJI focused on more rugged designs. Most drones will do OK in a little bit of rain, but enterprise products like the Matrice 200, were designed to withstand dust, rain, snow, and low temperatures. Follow this link to see the M200 with ip43 ingress protection in action:

A little Wind is No Problem!

Drones are surprisingly capable in windy conditions, as well. Some people assume that any wind will ground a small drone quickly, but they perform very well. Not only do drones keep flying in the wind; they compensate for the wind and create accurate products. Because of the unique combination of an advanced gimbal system and accurate GPS positioning, your field of view barely changes in windy conditions. The drone makes up for the wind while working around the camera.


What Are Your Needs?

If you really need to fly in the rain, or any other adverse condition, you should consider an enterprise solution. CompassDrone is an authorized DJI Enterprise dealer and have platforms that will work in all sorts of weather. If you’re flying your toy drone around for fun, you might consider grounding yourself until the weather clears up.

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