Company History

The company history of the Compass Family of companies starts in Colorado in 1994.  CompassDrone specializes above all in providing air-frames, software, and services. Therefore, we empower our professional clients to collect high-quality, spatially-accurate photogrammetry as well as remotely sensed data. We resell world leaders in Drone technology, only using the best suite of sensor and software. That is to say, we’re excited to support your efforts to enter this fast growing market. Our company leverages the Compass Family heritage of experience, for example as Esri and Trimble distribution partners.  The Compass Family has worked in over 100 countries in our pursuit to map the world, subsequently gaining a lot of experience.  As an authorized DJI  Enterprise dealer, we are uniquely qualified to support geospatial professionals. Most importantly, we supply you with the best equipment to meet your project requirements anywhere on the planet.



We think our company history is important, because it is the reason we can provide you with the best solutions. Our workflows have evolved as a result of changes in the technological and regulatory environment. There are many aspects of operating a drone company that one would not realize from the outside looking in.  For instance, these can be legal, technical, or safety related. We leverage our company history, as a result we can operate as safely and efficiently as possible. We’re here, above all, to solve your problems. In short, let us help you!

Meet the CompassDrone Team

Margaret J. Howard
President, Co-Founder, and Chairwomen of the Board
W. Brant Howard
Member of the Board
Kate Schlatter
Chief Operating Officer
Hayden Howard
Vice President
Mitch Tweedy
Program Manager
Andrew Carey
Business Development Manager
Jostein (Joe) Unhammer
Marketing Manager
Jessica Stewart
Order Processing Specialist