Drone Safety

Drone Safety

As a rated pilot and commercial operator, you need to make sure your projects are conducted with drone safety in mind and within federal regulations. CompassDrone provides FAA Part 107 training and flight rule consulting to ensure you are operating safely. CompassDrone will help you with your insurance requirements to support equipment damage, theft and liability.  Unlike hobbyists, professional organizations must be concerned with the liability of flying drones over project areas. Professionals that are required to meet stringent requirements need industrial grade systems to ensure safe operation and dependable results. CompassDrone’s mission is to make you successful and help you conduct your projects safely, within government regulations.

Training First

CompassDrone focuses on training first, and then software and hardware. To fly professionally you have to get your pilot rating. This is no different than manned pilot ratings and should be treated as such. This means there are rules and expectation. Alcohol use and some over the counter drug use and drone flying do not mix. You should get plenty of rest and not over-extend yourself. We offer Part 107 Remote Pilot training by full time helicopter pilots. That is because we believe one should treat remote piloting with the same gravitas as manned flight. At the end of the day, accidents can be catastrophic, even with a small unmanned aircraft.

The Right Tool for the Job

Theoretical and practical instruction are the first step. After that comes picking the right software and hardware. All the solutions we offer are vetted properly before we advise anyone to use them. We do not sell hardware we don’t trust to do the job properly. We don’t advise our clients to adopt the newest most interesting software out there, but we will test it for them and let them know. One example is terrain follow. Not a lot of apps do that due to the fact that it’s a relatively new thing. If an app did promise terrain follow, but it didn’t work properly, you might lose some very expensive hardware. We can now assure our clients, based on extensive field testing, that we have software that does a phenomenal job at terrain follow.