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High Accuracy Drone Services

CompassDrone provides high accuracy products for customers who are looking for more than just aerial photography.

High Accuracy Drone Services

Drone services for mapping and other applications is a skill CompassDrone has been honing for the past 5 years. First of all, CompassDrone is a premier provider of drone services, across a multitude of industries. Most importantly, our success is a result of leveraging our 25 years of experience in the geospatial industry. Hence, we are able to provide high accuracy products for customers who are looking for more than just aerial photography. Due to our partnership with CompassData, we provide industry-leading mapping products.

Unique Experience

The company has a most noteworthy experience in surveying on mine sites and working with local coordinate systems. CompassDrone has developed our solutions in close cooperation with local law enforcement, therefore they are tailored to first responders. There are even more great examples of where CompassDrone has excelled in drone services; this is just a small sample. Because of this, we will be presenting case studies and helpful hints on our blog, found here: CompassDrone Blog

Drone services flying over construction crane

We Have the Solution

Therefore, if you are starting your own drone program and need help getting off the ground, or if you prefer to leave the flying to the experts; our dedicated team of pilots will also provide excellent flight services for you. CompassDrone has been developing our procedures since the very start of the drone industry and will provide you with quick, safe, and cost-effective solutions. There are many companies out there that provide drone service, but not many that have our experience. As a result, we can point to a number of successful drone service jobs we have completed in the past. Furthermore, we re-fly jobs that have been done by less experienced companies, to deliver the kind of product you deserve. Find out how we can help you get even more out of drone services.

Leverage our extensive knowledge of operations and the regulatory environment