Drone Software

Automated Flight and Processing Software

Software Options

The primary purpose of drone software is to fly the drone for you, gather data, and process it afterward. While there are other solutions out there, we feel that those are the most important functions. The software can also track all your flights, help you get airspace authorization, and several niche features. You can read more about airspace authorization and additionally what your software options are at the FAA.


Autonomous Flight

One of the wonders of the drone software part is how easy it makes flying the drone. From take-off to landing you don’t have to manipulate the sticks at all. Simply plan the flight, let the drone take off, finish the mission and it will come back and land all by itself. If it knows it’s low on battery, it will return home and if you lose connection it will hoover in place until it reconnects. Or it will simply finish the mission and come home.

Paid Subscriptions

Most of the applications that fly the drone for you are free. Planning missions and free-flying, normally doesn’t cost you a dime. It’s when you need special features that you start having to look into paying. Especially processing of data is normally a paid subscription. We have several different drone software options, depending on what your needs are. Not all apps do the same thing, so it will help you to talk to the experts at CompassDrone to figure out what choice you should go with.

Questions About Drone Software?