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Enterprise Drones

For professionals who know that drones are tools, not toys, the typical consumer drone might not do the trick. This is where enterprise drones come in. Enterprise drones have increased capabilities and options. Some have cameras that can be switched out allowing for a multitude of sensor options. There are thermal options, zoom cameras, and multi-spectral cameras. The Matrice series, for example, has a plug and play port that integrates with DJI cameras as well as cameras from other manufacturers. It also has a model with multiple ports allowing for thermal, visual, and zoom all in one package.

Who is it for?

As more industries adopt drone technology, they start demanding solutions tailored to their industry. This is the idea behind the enterprise lineup and DJI partners like CompassDrone. We listen to what our clients need and work with DJI to come up with solutions. Enterprise drone is the result of years of working with public safety, agriculture and other industries. The solutions you see here are only the beginning. Together we can develop completely new lineups tailored to your needs. So, who is this for? It’s for everyone; we just need to figure out how to make it work for you.

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Chances are you don’t know all the capabilities in the Enterprise lineup. We can show you some things that are sure to impress you. We are also sure you can blow us away by showing us how you are utilizing this tech. If the solutions you most crave isn’t available yet, don’t fret. It might be soon. Drone manufacturers are constantly developing new products as a result of customer feedback. If the technology isn’t there yet, it probably will be in a few years. In this space, tech develops fast and new solutions appear monthly.

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